Founded in 1995, ICG Investment Management is a market leader in the field of highly personalized investment services.

The establishment of ICG was made possible by the joint skills of Japanese and European investment professionals. The special knowledge and understanding of both cultures has produced a highly unique philosophy.

With offices in both Asia and Europe, ICG provides personalized solutions to a growing number of high net-worth individuals and institutional investors. ICG offers premium services in SWISS PRIVATE BANKING, FUND MANAGEMENT, PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT and FINANCIAL PUBLISHING. Our full range of wealth management services is a key to our client’s long term prosperity.

Investment must make sense over a long period of time. Our team of professional advisors have spent the last 15 years perfecting their ability to identify timely investment opportunities that will work for you over the long term. Achieving long term returns in today’s markets requires ICG’s staff to pay special attention to global economic trends as well as changes in the dynamics of investments.

ICG’s clients are presented with some of the world’s most dynamic investment opportunities. Our collective experience in both emerging and mature markets combined with a clear strategy for investments makes ICG a perfect partner. Moving “ahead of the curve” has always been our strategy. Since 2007 ICG offers a growing range of investment Funds which reflect this strategy. Please review our funds homepage for further information.

ICG Investment Management (Asia) Limited in Hong Kong is a licensed Investment Advisor and Asset Manager regulated by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC). ICG Investment Management (Europe) Ltd. is unregulated by a regulatory body.