Financial Publishing

ICG has been active in financial publishing since 1998.

With both Books and Newsletters, ICG reaches tens of thousands of investors in Japan and beyond. Published books are focused on financial learning and investor’s interests mainly in overseas investing.

To date 9 financial related books have been published in Japan with topics ranging from overseas investments for Japanese to creating a long term investment portfolios.

The following are financial books published by ICG :

1998 – “Triple A Rated Asset Management“, OS Publishing corp.
1998 – “How to be Millionaire 1“,  OS Publishing corp.
1999 – “How to be Millionaire 2“,  OS Publishing corp.
2000 – “How to be Millionaire 3“,  OS Publishing corp.
2000 – “Investment Philosophy of Millionaires“,  Diamond Publishing Corp
2000 – “Investment Lessons of HK Billionaires“,  OS Publishing corp.
2003 – “Achieving 10% Return per annum on Your Investment“,Pal Publish.
2008 – “The Secret Methods of Currency Trading “, Seibido Publishing corp.
2009 – “How Billionaires Survived the Financial Crisis“,  Daiwabo Publishing

Books are available through
Books authored by Mr. Chihiro Sawai.

ICG publishes a popular bi-weekly newsletter, the “ICG Report“.

The report discusses up to date investment issues with special attention being paid to –

Overseas invesmtment
Offshore fund investment
Private banking
General macro economic trends
Political analysis