ICG’s fund management team is producing a growing selection of offshore funds. ICG also cooperates (as intermediary) with some of the top fund management groups globally.

Fund Management – we at ICG take a long term perspective to investment and managing our funds is a challenge which we believe requires deep understanding of each fund’s asset class as well as macro economic and political analysis.
ICG Funds have a top-down approach to investments taking into account the following:

– Fundamental long term value
– low correlation and diversification
– Fundamental and technical analysis
– Exploit valuation anomalies
– Stock picking with a macro overlay

Leading Global Funds – teaming up and acting as intermediaries to some of the best global fund managers has produced very positive long term return to ICG’s clients.

ICG’s “Fund Portfolios” program incorporates best performing funds from a variety of managers. While realizing that fund management knowledge is not limited to any one company, ICG has developed its relations with best performing managers to better achieve long term positive returns to our clients.