ICG Funds

ICG Funds are a growing selection of offshore investment funds offered globally through our marketing partners and intermediaries. ICG focuses on long term themes which are expected to benefit investor’s long term capital returns.

The following funds are open for subscription:

Bloomberg : GOLDNUG VI

Clean Technologies are overtaking traditional ways of generating power, minimizing pollution and generally providing us with a healthier life. Current investment (both Private Equity and governmental) are reaching new highs. Market demand for these products and services too is growing at a steady pace. We at ICG believe that these changes will produce consistent positive returns for investors in this sector in the years to come.

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Bloomberg : GENCTFA VI

Gold as a form of investement is as old as time. Today, gold continues to offer good protection against financial turmoil as well as long term inflation and is a great storage of wealth. The following are some key issues relating to gold investment:

– Gold has out performed the Dollar as best storage of purchasing power over
the long term
– Demand/Supply is favoring higher long term price
– Protection against financial crisis especially a sharpe increase in price inflation
– Alternative currency

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Please note – ICG Funds are distributed to professional and institutional investors only. Please review the offering documents before making any investment decisions.