ICG (Asia) in Hong Kong, ICG (Europe), ICG (Japan) in Osaka offer our clients and business partners a wide range of local opportunities and global views.

ICG client’s are offered a global perspective on investments and access to local markets across Asia and Europe. We maintain local staff and contacts in each of our locations and are able to offer advise on a variety of business opportunities even beyond the scope of pure investments.

ASIA – the long term growth expected to continue well into the 21st. century as Asian markets advance and local demand for products and services is increased. Over time ICG’s presence in Asia for the past 15 years has been very instrumental in achieving good returns to our clients.

EUROPE – a mature yet increasingly a single market with former eastern European countries providing investment opportunities to long term investors. Banking and in particular Swiss private banking are stable with strong balance sheets and management commitment. ICG is well positioned to offer access to all these opportunities to our clients and business partners.

Please note that ICG provides different services in different locations. Some of the services offered are only available to certain investors in certain jurisdictions. Please consult us first to determine if these services
are suitable to you. For a better view of services offered please proceed to the relevant location.