ICG has developed an innovative investment style of integrating a selection of funds in a single investment portfolio.

Our FUND PORTFOLIOS are an excellent way of benefiting from the knowledge and experience of some of world’s leading global fund managers.

The key to understanding FUND PORTFOLIOS –

  1. No single investment manager is an expert on all markets and products.
  2. Local knowledge of a specific market/product is essential to good returns.
  3. Some funds perform very well for short periods of time only.
  4. choosing the right fund managers over time takes skill and attention to details.

The idea behind fund portfolios is the understanding that a combination of funds from different investment sectors, methodology, strategy and spread across different markets and currencies – managed effectively can yield great returns over the medium-long term.

ICG team monitors a large selection of funds over long periods of time and achieves a familiarity with fund manager and their day to day operation. In turn this transalates into an investment strategy.

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