Mr. Chihiro SAWAI, Managing DirectorICG Investment Management (Asia) Ltd.

Born in 1966, Mr. Sawai was educated in Osaka-Gakuin University where he graduated in business administration. Mr. Sawai has over 20 years of investment management experience in both Japanese and European financial institutions (Ichiyoshi, Amstel Securities). He is a founding partner of ICG and is an established author of 7 investment books published in Japan. Mr. Sawai often appears in mass media as a commentator on investment and global economic issues.

Mr. Yoav LEWIT, Managing DirectorICG (Europe) ltd.

Born in 1967, Mr. Lewit was educated at the London School of Economics (LSE) where he graduated in Economics. Mr. Lewit has over 18 years of investment management experience working for European financial institutions as a senior manager in global equity markets. Mr. Lewit is also a founding partner of ICG. Mr. Lewit has also established himself in technology management (Advisewise Inc., CMate) and commercial banking where he held top management positions.

Ms. R. FUJII, Managing DirectorICG (Japan) Office

Ms. Fujii graduated from Cyuo University in 1987 majoring in Literature. Ms. Fujii has since gained extensive experience while working for several financial institutions including Taiheiyo Securities Co. Ltd. where she carried on the underwriting of Stocks and bonds including IPO related issues. In 1995, within the business-planning department of Alico Japan – an American life insurance group. In 2002 Ms. Fujii founded ‘S&R’ to provide insurance and financial services. In 2004, Ms. Fujii joined the ICG group as a representative of ICG in Osaka (Japan). Ms. Fujii is a qualified CFP (Certified Financial Planner).